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Books & E-Books
Revelation (e-book)

The most comprehensive and literal interpretation of the Mystery Method ever put into 1 readable online format. Learn the method step-by-step, meaning-by-meaning as LoveDrop details the mind of this master of pickup. Over 300 professionally edited pages covering topics ranging from Openers, Kino, Grooming, Group Theory and overall way of being. The biggest complaint we get is that “There is TOO much information” go figure.

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Relationship (e-book)

This product is downloadable instantly. Our next phase of evolving your dating skills is to introduce you to the later phases of the Mystery Method. How do you keep a relationship fun and exciting? How does one handle a break-up without looking weak? Learn invaluable skills on how to build and keep a long term relationship. This book was written with the monogamous relationship seeker in mind. Embedded are relationship and life coaching techniques that can make all the difference in your relationships. Become a more effective communicator. Learn how to not play games, yet get what you want in a relationship. Specific Topics: Keeping a relationship fun and exciting, conflict resolution how to handle a break up, getting over a break up, how to get back together with an ex. When you are done reading this book you will be armed with advanced communication skills that will help you maintain long term relationships with those you are truly compatible with. You will be able to effectively weed out those whom you are either incompatible with or women who are just straight up wasting your time. If you are looking to become a more effective communicator in general, this book will have some golden nuggets for you. What good is all that PUA knowledge, if you can't hold on to that special someone?

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Revelation (printed book and ebook)

Own this piece of literary excellence the most comprehensive and literal interpretation of the Mystery Method ever put into a book. Learn the method step-by-step, meaning-by-meaning as LoveDrop details the mind of this master of pickup. Over 300 professionally edited pages covering topics ranging from Openers, Kino, Grooming, Group Theory and overall way of being. Professionally printed and bound the book is a conversation is printed on High-Res parchment and EVERY purchase includes the eBook in virtual format!

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CDs & DVDs
"The Vault" DVDs

This Master Set Edition includes over 8 DVD”s of combined custom infield & in class training delivered by Mystery, Matador & LoveDrop. In class demonstrations add context to the method from opening to building attraction to CLOSING! Infield footage shows the mPUA in action breakdown the method to his madness using gambits and techniques to claim his prize. Matador explains calibration and uses women to illustrate his technique, while LoveDrop assists adding context to Matador’s madness

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Zen of Cool

LoveDrop’s latest creation goes into detail about the importance of a strong state of mind to live life and of course attract women in the process. Finally get a grasp in life of how to behave around hot women and social circles. Be the center of attraction in any community with these mind techniques and ways of being to be the best and most interesting person at anytime, goodbye to anxiety!

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Hired Guns - Stripper Game

3 Disks, 150 total minutes.....shipped via snail mail. Narrated exclusively by Mystery, this product offers techniques on how to engage waitresses, clerks at stores, bartenders, shooter girls, and of course exotic dancers. The value of this product extends beyond just hired guns. In addition, these DVDs offer more in depth explanations and examples on topics such as multiple threading, DHV story telling, etc. Also included are many new stories, routines, and sound bites for you to play with. Many of the discussion points are pretty universal, and are not just techniques for Hired Guns. A lot of concepts will really click after you've finished watching this.

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Revelation Audio CDs

LoveDrop delivers 5+ hours of conversational explanation of the Method and how it applies to you! Learn the theory behind MM how it evolved and the practical application of its steps in the field. LD explains personal behavior the ‘why’ behind a female’s interaction to your existence and how you can use her natural emotional senses to escalate any situation into a bedding or long term relationship.

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Revelation CDs + "The Vault" DVDs

This Master’s Set edition is a combination of the Revelation’s Audio CD’s (13 Total) & “The Vault” DVD’s (8 DVD’s). Over 10 hours of practical use cases and implementation of the Mystery Method are covered and explained by Mystery, Matador and LoveDrop in Video’s/CD’s taken from in-person Bootcamps and infield 1 on 1’s. The most comprehensive box set available and quickest way to adopt and learn MM without taking the Bootcamps are packed into this digital knowledge base!

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Revelation Printed book (and ebook) + CDs and DVDs

Become a PUA overnight with this Super Box Set Edition including the professionally edited DVD’s, CD’s and Hard Covered Revelations Bible. Over 15 hours of practical applications of the Mystery Method, Demonstrations, Interpretations, endless examples while covering all aspects of human behavior and way of being. Absorb all the knowledge that could possibly be found from the inventors of Pickup!

$497.00 Purchase
Bootcamp with Interactive WorkShop

This DAY ONLY seminar runs in accordance with the Bootcamps and offers IN CLASS training only with NO INFIELD. Learn the Mystery Method and all the practical uses examples and implementation thereof. Over 10+ hours of daily training is provided with the mPUA’s where questions can be asked and examples offered to reassure your technique and delivery is on point and ready to bring to the field.

$500.00 (Deposit) Purchase
Infield - Live Infield Training (1 Night)

If you have already taken the Bootcamps day sessions and want infield demonstrations by mPUA’s showing the incredible impact of their teachings then sign up for this session. Hosted in the Night or during the day we go into to the field to deliver real world examples before your eyes and then give you the tools and techniques to replicate our behaviors for you to achieve your own successes minutes thereafter! Yes can be making out within minutes by watching us do it first!!!!

$500.00 (Deposit) Purchase
Workshop 2 Days + Infield 2 Nights

The most comprehensive form of teaching is infield and real world applications of the knowledge you learn in class. Experience over 20 hours of mind-blowing teachings that will change you forever. Learn, Practice & Apply openers, gambits, attraction routines and comfort building techniques to bounce your love out of the nightclub and into your bed. Results are instantaneous as your ability to grasp and apply the MM after the weekend for the rest of your life.

$1000.00 (Deposit) Purchase
Virtual Interactive Workshop

This is a condensed version of our regular workshop. It is a 4 hours long group training (via phone or skype), focused purely on routine stack creation and delivery. It is not custum for you specifically (unlike our routine stack course), but it will give you solid understanding for how to to apply all of the concepts you have read about. The culmination of all the 'theory' and 'concepts' comes together as you finally see how a routine stack is supposed to look and feel. This is not just a lecture. There is significant interaction and role play between you, the instructor, and other students. You will get real feedback on how you deliver your material and how you come across to others. This is a fantastic option for budget conscious individuals. It cannot substitute for live infield, but provides for a great stepping stone for those who want to push forward but do not have the resources or time to travel to a live training. It is also a great way to prepare before your live training weekend!. At the end of your session you will have good understanding for the underlining meaning of each phase (puzzle piece) of a routine stack. Plus you will have several new routines and gambits to play with.

$750.00 Purchase
Conversation Mastery & Character Development

Having trouble holding interesting conversations with women? Feel a bit self-conscious in social situations? Then this is the class for you. We spend individual time assessing your character with our physiological profiling techniques, which in turn allow us to tweak and uncover all the bit and bytes of your personality you can use as strengths and where there is room for improvement. This class is VITAL for maintaining a relationship and a large social circle.

$500.00 (Deposit) Purchase
Life Changing Week (10 Days)

You only live once so why not enjoy every day of the rest of your life knowing you are empowered and have the tools to be the best person you can be. You receive ‘Residential’ training living, breathing and eating The Arts of Pickup. Your Character will evolve into a women magnet while a redo of your self-purpose; style and approach to life are altered and tailored to making you into someone you never though existed!

$1000.00 (Deposit) Purchase